vertical plate lifting clamp, lock type vertical clamp

Vertical plate clamp is designed to vertically lift and turn plate material from all positions (horizontal, vertical and sidelong). It is made of high quality carbon steel, and meets ASME standard. Besides, this vertical lifting clamp uses articulated lifting shackle. The clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.

Note: Not designed to use on stainless steel or aluminum plates. For use only with materials with a surface hardness below HRC 30 (HB 300, Brinel 1300).

i-lift No.221231322123142212315221231622123172212318221231922123202212321
Jaw Openingmm(in.)0-16(0-0.6)0-22(0-0.9)0-30(0-1.2)0-40(0-1.6)0-50(0-2)0-60(0-2.4)0-80(0-3.1)25-90(1-3.5)60-125(2.4-5)