ICDH08 vertical plate clamp with lock handle

▲ Standard design clamp for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures. The spring-loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force.

▲ Clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism,ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.

▲ The clamp is locked in closed as well as in open position.

▲ Manufactured from high quality carbon steel.

▲ High-frequency quenching of die-forged special aloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.

The Vertical plate has model ICDH08, ICDH10, ICDH20, ICDH32, ICDH50, ICDH80, ICDH1000, ICDH120, ICDH160 for capacity 0.8ton, 1ton, 2ton, 3.2ton, 5ton, 8ton, 10ton, 12ton, 16ton.


Note: Not designed to use on stainless steel or aluminum plates. For use only with materials with a surface hardness below HRC 30 (HB 300, Brinel 1300).

i-lift No.221231322123142212315221231622123172212318221231922123202212321
Jaw Openingmm(in.)0-16(0-0.6)0-22(0-0.9)0-30(0-1.2)0-40(0-1.6)0-50(0-2)0-60(0-2.4)0-80(0-3.1)25-90(1-3.5)60-125(2.4-5)


Types of clamp:

As a professional clamp manufacturer for many years, we have developed various kinds of clamps, such as Beam clamp, Vertical plate clamp (lock lever type), Vertical plate clamp (lock handle type), Plain trolleys, trolley clamp, geared trolley, etc…

After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  3. We have been in manufacturing Hoist and clamp equipment for many years. And we have a professional and perfect after-sales service team.

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