electric workshop crane

i-Lift Counter balanced electric workshop crane  is designed for transporting, lifting with unique operate handle,brake ,and foldable design.

LH055J & LH075J are counter-balanced manual workshop crane with double action hydraulic pump,  EH055J & EH075J are counter-balanced electric workshop crane with electric lifting. counter-balanced design allows to work close to a machine. Tested 25% overload before delivery.


i-Lift No.2342101234210223421032342104
Capacity kg(lb.)550(1210)750(1650)550(1210)750(1650)
Max load at jib length 925 kg(lb.)550(1210)750(1650)550(1210)750(1650)
Max load at jib length 1210 kg(lb.)450(990)500(1100)450(990)500(1100)
Max load at jib length 1500 kg(lb.)350(770)380(836)350(770)380(836)
Max load at jib length 1800 kg(lb.)250(550)260(572)250(550)260(572)
Max load at jib length 2080 kg(lb.)150(330)200(440)150(330)200(440)
Hydraulic pumpDouble actingElectric
wheel mm(in.)Steel+PU Dia180(7")
Max crane arm length mm(in.)2080(81.9)
Min crane arm length mm(in.)930(36.6)
Lifting height max cantilever arm extended mm(in.)2750(108.3)
Overall size(L*W*H) mm(in.)2400*910*1630(94.5*35.8*64.2)
Packing size(L*W*H)2pcs mm(in.)2400*1900*1700(94.5*74.8*66.9)
Weight(without counterweight & box) kg(lb.)180(396)215(473)220(484)
weight of counterweight box kg(lb.)210+30(462+66)280+40(616+88)210+30(462+66)280+40(616+88)
Total weight(with counterweight & box) kg(lb.)420(924)500(1100)455(1000)540(1188)

Additional Function of foldable electric workshop crane (Value –added for our customer)

The counter balance unit consists of 2 separate counterbalanced blocks, each weight 23Kg(LH05J) and 35kg(LH075J), Taking away the separated block will obtain the new capacity (120% overload testing before delivery),pls. Refer to the capacity table below strictly, and never overload use.


Lifting Arm Length (L)  (mm)9251210150018002080
              Max. Capacity (Kg)                         with two separate counterbalanced blocks                      (Standard)550450350250150
            Max. Capacity (Kg)                           with one separate counterbalanced block420350270190110
           Max. Capacity (Kg)                               without separate counterbalanced block30025019013060


Lifting Arm Length (L)  (mm)9251210150018002080
          Max. Capacity (Kg)                             with two separate counterbalanced blocks                  (Standard)750500380250200
            Max. Capacity (Kg)                            with one separate counterbalanced block550450350250150
               Max. Capacity (Kg)                            without separate counterbalanced block420350270190110


1) Never Overload use the shop crane

2) Change the capacity labels on the shop crane immediately after taking away the adjusting counterbalanced block.