HRS heavy-duty roller skates

Rollers have rigid chain of steel rolls rotating around a central load plate in the frame. Rollers have built-in tops with swivel locking, SVD-Diamond steel top, SVP-Rubber pad top. A full prepackaged kits and sets are also available.

Sets and kits contain four swivel locking style rollers and two full length steering handles.

               HRS-40-SVD                                                    HRS-60-SVP



i-lift No.191180119118021911803191180419118051911806
Kits includeFour SVP3.75Four SVD3.75Four SVP10Four SVD10Four SVP15Four SVD15
Two steering handle, one metal box
Net weightkg(lb.)89(160)84(184.8)92(202.4)88(193.6)108(237.6)