SK Complete Skate Kits

Complete skate kits includes four roller skates, two turntables, two packing plates, two steering handles, two link-up  bars, one draw bar and one metal box. This unit is mainly used for short, variable transportation distances. For installation works and movement of heavy loads. The steering handle gives you precise control making it easy to maneuver large machinery or into tight areas. Its moving speed not exceed 5m/min.  and minimum turning radius is 3m.




i-lift No.191080119108021910803
Length supportmm(in.)120(4.7)120(4.7)130(5.1)
Width supportmm(in.)120(4.7)120(4.7)130(5.1)
Total heightmm(in.)108(4.3)117(4.6)140(5.5)
Swivel Topmm(in.)130(5.1)130(5.1)150(6)
Weight of setkg(lb.)50(110)58(128)92(202)