Portable Stack Racks

▲ Open Deck

▲ Stacking storage racks provide a convenient, economical alternative to pallet racks.

▲ These forkliftable storage racks accept pallet storage or can be used as a pallet itself.

▲ Base allows 4-way forklift access for portability even when loaded. Stacking racks have a 1818 kg.

▲ Load capacity and are made with 32mm x 57mm x 10 gauge tubular steel.

▲ Posts allow stacking up to 6 units high. When stacked, storage racks eliminate load-on-load contact

that causes product-crushing damage found on standard pallet racks.

▲ Easy modular assembly; posts snap into sockets on base, no tools required.


ModelDECKW mm(in.)L mm(in.)H mm(in.) Inside H mm(in.)Capacity kg(lb.)
PSRW484236WOOD DECK1219(48)1067(42)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRW484836WOOD DECK1219(48)1219(48)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRO484236OPEN DECK1219(48)1067(42)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRO484836OPEN DECK1219(48)1219(48)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRO484248OPEN DECK1219(48)1067(42)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)
PSRO484848OPEN DECK1219(48)1219(48)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)
PSRW484248WOOD DECK1219(48)1067(42)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)
PSRW484848WOOD DECK1219(48)1219(48)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)
PSRO604236OPEN DECK1524(60)1067(42)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRW604236WOOD DECK1524(60)1067(42)914(36)800(31.5)1818(4000)
PSRO604248OPEN DECK1524(60)1067(42)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)
PSRW604248WOOD DECK1524(60)1067(42)1219(48)1105(43.5)1818(4000)