CPT carousel turntable

Carousel pallet carousel turntable rotate materials with the assistance of an operator. Now loading and unloading operations can be done more efficiently and minimizing fatigue and risk of back injury. The carousel may be added to an existing work bench, scissor table, or simply placed on the floor. Constructed of two pieces of rolled structural angle (3/16" thick). A series of sealed ball bearings transfer the load smoothly and evenly to the supporting surface. Four guide rollers keep the rings aligned.

The low profile 7/8" overall height allows a pallet truck to access the Turntable for efficient load transfers where floor space is minimal, and without requiring a pit. Precision anti-friction ball bearings offer 360° pallet or skid rotation by a single operator. Turntable features an integral safety detent lock that restricts rotation when not in use. Durable all-steel construction has a scratch-resistant finish for long life. Pallet Turntables can be used throughout your location, as it does not require being permanently mounted to the floor.

Technical Parameter of carousel turntable:

i-Lift No.ModelLoad capacity   kg(lb.)Top inside dia. mm(in.)Top outside dia mm(in.)

The Features of carousel turntable:

  • Rugged, sturdy and long lasting.
  • Rotates materials 360° with the assistance of an operator.
  • Constructed of two pieces of rolled structural angle (3/16" thick).