MG1000 Mezzanine Gate

Safety at Heights

Mezzanine pallet gate: when transferring pallets to and from a mezzanine level, these roll-over gates will ensure that your workers are in no danger of falling over the side.

Mezzanine loading gates allow pallets to be moved safely between mezzanine floors and ground-level. While the gate is open to forklifts for depositing or removing pallets, the gate is rotated so that pedestrians on the mezzanine can't get near the pallet. Then while the gate is open to the mezzanine for workers to load or unload pallets, the gate is rotated to block the exposed edge of the mezzanine, stopping workers from falling off.

We have models MG1000, MG2000, MG2800 with the different sizes for optional.


  • Swing gate allows easy and safe access to mezzanines using manual swing-action gates on each end.
  • Gates swing up and down to provide a usable area of 58 W x 70 D x 76 H
  • Swing gates are balanced for ease of operation without use of springs.
  • Mezzanine safety gate is made of heavy duty welded steel.
  • Mezzanine gate features 42 H handrail, 21 H mid-rail and 4 H kick plate for operator safety.
  • Space saver detachable compact design.


i-Lift No.161610116161021616103
Inside Width            W mm(in.)1632(64.3)2000(78.7)2800(110)
Overall Depth          D mm(in.)1915(73.4)
Overall Height         H mm(in.)2032(80)
Net Weight              kg(lb.)75(165)80(176)95.5(210)


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