CX table trolly

This series table trollys with lots of different configurations to choose from; these Heavy Duty Table Trolleys are perfect for use within industrial or commercial environments. Typical applications would likely include a warehouse, factory, store or workshop. The maximum load capacity is from 300-350kg per table trolley.  Each trolley consists of 4 wheels; two of these are fixed, whilst the other two are on swivel castors making it much easier to navigate awkward premises.

The trolley has a welded construction throughout which is one of the many reasons why it is so hard-wearing and durable.  Depending on your needs as a workplace; you can choose between opting for a timber deck(s) or steel.

i-Lift No.1013201101320210132031013204101320510132061013207
Max. Capacity kg(lb.)300(660)250(550)350(700)
Shelf size mm(in.)1000*700(40*27.6)1200*800(47*31.5)1000*700(40*27.6)1200*800(47*31.5)900*500(35.4*20)
Lower shelf height mm(in.)320(12.6)280(11)260(10.2)
Top shelf height mm(in.)960(37.8)850(33.5)920(36.2)1110(44)
Height between base&2nd shelf mm(in.)----300(11.8)400(15.7)
Height between 2nd&top shelf mm(in.)----320(12.5)400(15.7)
Castor/Wheel mm(in.)200*45(8*1.8)125*34(5*1.3)160*39(6*1.5)
Overall size mm(in.)1100*700*9801300*800*9801100*700*9801300*800*9801000*500*8701000*500*9401000*500*1130
Net Weight kg(lb.)62(136.4)72(158.4)55(121)60(132)44(96.8)58(127.6)62(136.4)