iETF30 Electric scissor Lift Table

Electric scissor lift table is a design of scissor with anti clip, with overload protection function, more reliable, more secure. This unit electric lifting platform has single scissor and double scissors. High quality and rigged structure can save labor and improve work efficiency.

Two swivel castors with brake can  help to stop the electric lift table at a certain position during loading and unloading, preventing the danger caused by the electric scissor lift table from sliding away. Front wheel with anti-collision frame can prevent contact objects from being injured. This Electric scissor Lift Table is manual moving and electric lifting. Thickened scissors ensure that the goods rise smoothly and forcefully.

This series electric lift platform has a built-in charger, charge display meter, charger specification: input 220V,50Hz. output 24V DC 3A. High quality maintance free battery, saving maintance time and cost, power for long time using.

PLEASE CHECK"manual hydraulic lift table" IF YOU NEED MOBILE MODEL.



i-lift No.1314601131460213146031314604
Capacitykg(lb.)300(660)500 (1100)750(1650)350 (770)
Max. Lift heightmm(in.)880(34.6)1025 (40.4)970(38.2)1300 (14.6)
Min. Lift heightmm(in)290(11.4)440(17.3)420(16.5)370(14.6)
Table sizemm(in.)850×500 (33.5×20)850×500 (33.5×20)1000*510(40*20.1)910×500 (35.8×20)
Wheel sizemm(in.)125*40(5*1.6)150*50(6*2)150*50(6*2)125*40(5*1.6)
Overall lengthmm(in.)1145(45)1305(51.4)1345(53)1210(47.6)
Lifting speed with/without loadmm/s65/9465/9470/8090/110
Lowering speed with/without loadmm/s98/7498/7450/35100/90
Lifting motor power (DC24V Kw)
Battery charger24V 4A8.5Hr8.5Hr8.5Hr8.5Hr
Net weightkg(lb.)115(253)157 (345.4)160(352)142 (312.4)

As a lift table manufacture,  I-lift can also provide pallet jack(pallet truck), battery stacker(electric stacker), light stacker, hand stacker, mobile lift table, electric lift table and drum handling equipments and so on.


1. If the charger is used for charging for more than 12 hours in the first use, check whether the electrical connectors of the electric lifting platform are loose during charging. If the electrical connectors of the electric lifting platform are loose, tighten them before charging

2. Check all parts of the electric lifting platform for deformation and bending;

3. Check whether the brakes of the electric scissor lift table fail and the wear of the wheels of the electric lifting platform;

4. Check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system of the electric lifting platform;

5. Check whether there is any damage to the high-pressure tubing of the electric lifting platform. If there is any damage to the electric lifting platform, replace it in time.

6. Fill lubricating oil on each friction surface before using the electric lifting platform every day;

7. Charge in time after using the electric lifting platform every day;

8. If the electric lifting platform is in trouble, it should be repaired in time before use;

9. Replace the hydraulic oil of the electric lifting platform every 12 months, and select the correct hydraulic oil according to the climatic conditions of different regions;