hydraulic roll pallet truck

HR series hydraulic roll pallet truck is designed for roll transporting (handling roll of paper, carpet,textile or other materials). it is like a hydraulic pallet truck as they have the same working principle: ifting by oil pump and manual moving.

This series hydraulic roll pallet jack has 3 different models for rolls with different size.


i-Lift No.111120111112021111203
Capacity kg(lb.)1500(3300)1500(3300)1800(3960)
Min. roll diameter mm(in.)500(20)700(27.6)800(31.5)
Max. roll diameter mm(in.)800(31.5)1300(51.2)1400(55.1)
Max. roll length mm(in.)1500(60)
Fork Overall Width mm(in.)860(33.9)990(39)1030(40.6)
Fork Length mm(in.)1350(53.1)
Rear wheel mm(in.)200(8)
Net Weight kg(lb.)130(286)140(308)155(341)

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