GT1016F Pump-Up Manual Straddle Truck

Pump-Up Manual Straddle Truck provide easy Lifting of Lighter Loads in Small Warehouses and Light Industrial Environments.It is an economical and durable option to Powered Lift Trucks providing a simple, easy way to lift, lower and transport materials with minimum effort...



Capacity kg(lb.)1000(2200)
Load Centre mm(in.)610(24)
Max. Fork Height mm(in.)1600(63)
Lowered Fork Height mm(in.)45(1.8)
Fork Adjustable Width mm(in.)216-787(8.5-31)
Fork Length mm(in.)1067(42)
Fork Width mm(in.)100(4)
Overall Width mm(in.)1118-1450(44-57)
Overall Height mm(in.)2100(82.7)
Straddle Leg Width mm(in.)940-1270(37-50)
TypeAdjustable Straddle Legs
Wheel mm(in.)Φ152x45(6x1.7)
Load Roller mm(in.)Φ80x55(3.1x2.2)
Wheel TypePhenolic
Net Weight kg(lb.)296(650)

As an pallet lifting machine manufacture,  I-lift can also provide pallet jack(pallet truck), battery stacker(electric stacker), light stacker, hand stacker, mobile lift table, electric lift table and drum handling equipments and so on.

The features of Pump-Up Manual Straddle Truck:

  • Adjustable forks and legs.
  • Welded all-steel frame and powder coat finish provides long lasting use and protection
  • High-visibility mast, single lifting chain, heavy duty mast rollers and plexiglass mast guard are standard.
  • Both a hand and foot operated hydraulic lift pump.
  • Easy Lifting of Lighter Loads in Small Warehouses and Light Industrial Environments.
  • The hand operated hydraulic pump handle is similar to a pallet truck handle, offering easy lifting action and convenient steering in congested areas.

Attention and Warning:

  1. Manual hydraulic stacker trucks are limited to use in flat and hard indoors. It is strictly forbidden to use in corrosive environments such as acid and alkali.
  2. Please read this manual carefully before operating the vehicle, and understand the performance of the vehicle. Check the vehicle for normality before each use. It is strictly forbidden to use the faulty vehicle.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use overload. The load weight and load center should meet the requirements of the parameter table of this manual.
  4. When the vehicle is used for stacking, the center of gravity of the cargo must be within the two forks. It is strictly forbidden to stack loose cargo.
  5. When the cargo needs to be transported over a long distance, the height of the fork from the ground cannot exceed 0.5 meters.
  6. When stacking goods, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the fork or around the vehicle.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to work on the fork.
  8. When the goods are at a high place, they should slowly advance forward or slowly pull back, and no turning is allowed.