stainless steel frame high lift scissor pallet truck

The scissor lift pallet truck is a premium product . Devices made entirely from stainless steel are not always necessary. This stainless steel pallet truck features components with different surface finishes. High lift truck features support legs that automatically extend as the skid is lifted for stability(unit will not move whrn the load is lifted ).
Frame and handle are made of #304 stainless steel, scissor galvanized, so it is a semi-stainless lift truck strictly. It not only saved cost but also can meet all the requirements of corrsion-resistance.
It is ideal for use in the food industry or in areas prone to high levels of corrosion, such as those encountered in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Particularly beneficial in areas with high hygiene requirements.

Devices made entirely from stainless steel are not always necessary. Parts that come into direct contact with food products must be made from stainless steel, while other components only have to be moisture-resistant. That is why the components of the HSG series have different surfaces.

The stainless steel chassis of the pallet truck is acid-resistant and offers long-term corrosion protection even in the most humid environments. This makes the stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The stainless steel pallet truck also satisfies the stringent hygiene requirements of the food sector.



i-lift No.1410801141080214108031410804
TypeManual high lift truckElectric high lift truck
Capacity kg(lb.)1000(2200)1000(2200)
Max.fork height mm(in.)800(31.5)800(31.5)
Min.fork height mm(in.)85(3.3)85(3.3)
Fork width mm(in.)540(21.3)680(26.8)540(21.3)680(26.8)
Fork Length mm(in.)1165(45.9)1165(45.9)
Net Weight kg(lb.)116(255.7)126(277.2)144(316.8)149(327.8)

All parts that come into direct contact with food products are made from acid-resistant stainless steel. Closed fork tips ensure that the fork rollers do not spray any water or dirt onto the transported load. Cavities are either freely accessible or fully sealed to enable effective cleaning – bacteria has no place to hide! This is further facilitated by the electrically polished surfaces.

The robust and reliable scissor lift pallet truck is operated via a functional control element. The scissor lift pallet truck can transport loads weighing up to 1,000 kg or raise them to an ergonomic working height. You can adjust your individual working height up to a maximum of 800 mm. As of a lift height of approx. 400 mm, side-mounted support feet secure the scissor lift pallet truck for additional safety and stability.

A pressure relief valve protects the hydraulic system against overload. The grease nipples on all movable parts ensure a long service life and easy maintenance. The robust, torsion-free construction of the fork arms retains its shape even when subjected to maximum loads.

Nylon tyres are characterised by their robustness and high chemical resistance, while tandem fork rollers ensure smooth running over uneven floors.

The HSG series stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck also have Electric model like HSG540E and HSG680E with electric lift is the perfect choice for humid and harsh environments with exacting hygiene requirements.

Note: For use with single-face pallets, skids and bulk containers only.