PM120N manual mini winch platform

i-Lift  manual mini winch platform is multifunction mini lifter with manual drive and winch lifting. This unit light winch platform stacker can avoid the risk of oil leakage from hydraulic stacker trucks, it is a lightweight design, which is very easy for one person operate by hand winch.

It is widely used in supermarket, office, warehouse, narrow areas, etc…, especially  for dust-free environments. Two fixed wheels and two castor wheels with brakes .

To meet different use requirements, this series have 2 models, PM120N is winch platform stacker, PM120 is a winch fork stacker.


i-Lift No.1520201
Capacity kg(lb.)120(264)
Max.fork height mm(in.)1050(41.3)
Min.fork height mm(in.)95(3.7)
Fork Length mm(in.)400 (15.7)
Individual fork width mm(in.)50(2)
Fork Overall Width mm(in.)adjustable 345-485(9.6-19.1)
Load wheels mm(in.)50(2)
Steering wheel mm(in.)200(4)
Net Weight kg(lb.)31(68.2)
i-Lift No.1553101
Lifting heightmm(in.)800(31.5)
Platform sizemm(in.)576*400(22.7*15.7)
Max platform heightmm(in.)910(35.9)
Min platform heightmm(in.)90(3.5)
Load centermm(in.)150(6)
Load wheelmm(in.)φ200*50(8*2)
Net weightkg(lb.)25(55)


The features of Mini Stacker:

  • Lightweight design, very easy to operate by hand winch.
  • Suitable for supermarket, office, warehouse, narrow areas, etc…
  • Two load centers and two swivel casters
  • Rugged construction and overload protection.