MSS1016 semi-electric lift stacker

MSS series semi-electric lift stacker is designed with heavy duty and top quality mast construction for long service time. Safety guard on load roller and steering wheel to protect workers from induring during working.

Manufactured from a rugged steel construction, the semi-electric stacker's lift function is powered by a 12v electric motor with built-in charger. With electric lift and manual push, MSS series semi-electric pallet stacker is easy to control, and environmental efficiency, which is widely used in overhead cargo and pallet moving and stacking. Using this semi-electric stacker is safe and efficient in factories, warehouses, and logistics centers. While in some narrow passage, floors, and other high rack warehouses, using semi electctric lift stacker is more flexible, silent and environmental.
Pallet lift stackers are made using the highest quality materials and parts. All models are easily manoeuvrable using the standard pulling handle and the electro hydraulic trucks are steerable.

▲This hand operated electric forklift is manual moving and electric lifting.  More power for big cap . Traction battery for this battery stacker,▲ More reliable mast steel imported from Germany▲ Professional stacker with attractive outline▲ Optional built in charger.

i-Lift No.155011115501121550113155011415501151550116
Max. fork heightmm(in.)1600(63)2500(100)2900(114.2)3100(122)3300(130)1600(63)
Min. fork heightmm(in.)85(3.3)
Load Centremm(in.)600(23.6)
Fork Lengthmm(in.)1150(45.3)
Fork Overall Widthmm(in.)550(21.7)
Single Fork Widthmm(in.)160(6.3)
Lifting SpeedWith Loadmm/s707575758075
Without Loadmm/s959510010511095
Lowering SpeedWith Loadmm/s0~400
Without Loadmm/s0~180
Power PackKW1.5
Traction BatteryV/Ah12/10012/150
Battery ChargerV/A12/1812/1812/1812/2012/1812/18
Front wheel sizemm(in.)80*70(3*2.6)
Rear wheel sizemm(in.)180*50(7*2)
Turning Radiusmm(in.)1377(54.2)
Overall Size(L×W×H)mm(in.)1724*748*20551724*748*17531724*748*19531724*748*20531724*748*21531724*748*2055