HY1001 low profile electric lift table

Low profile electric lift table is a heavy duty design with large platform. It is designed for low position lifting. Tables of this low profile lift table can achieve a low closed height, eliminating the need for a pit installation. There is a 24V control box with up and down button and emergency. Besides, external power pack is equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed. Low profile electric lift table ensures that operators are working at the correct operating height and are compliant with relevant Health and Safety regulations. Uses a 3-phase power supply to lift loads of up to 1000kg.

This extremely low design low height scissor lifting table with closed platform requires no pit installation, this saves you a lot of work. The reason is a  long roll-on ramp, which allows fully-laden pallet lifters - or transport vehicles - to be moved or driven right onto the platform’s smooth steel plate. Yet another useful feature is the rigid base plate on which the scissor-mechanism is mounted. This helps to protect the floor surface and the running rollers, while ensuring jolt-free lifting and providing improved stability.

The Low Profile Lift Table has model HY1001, HY1002, HY1003, HY1004, HY1005, HY1501, HY1502, HY1503, HY2001, HY2002


i-lift No.1312801131280213128031312804131280513128061312807131280813128091312810
Capacity kg(lb.)1000(2200)1500(3300)2000(4400)
Platform size(L*W) mm(in.)1450*11401600*11401450*8001600*8001600*10001600*8001600*10001600*12001600*12001600*1000
Min. Height mm(in.)85(3.3)105(4.1)
Max.height mm(in.)860(33.9)870(34.3)
Stroke mm(in.)775(30.5)
Lifting time(second)253035
Power Pack380V/50HZ,AC 0.75KW380V/50HZ,AC 1.5KW380V/50HZ,AC 2.2KW
Net Weight kg(lb.)357(785.4)364(800.8)326(717.2)332(730.4)352(774.4)367(807.4)401(882.2)415(913)419(921.8)405(891)

Features of low profile electric lift table

▲ Heavy duty design with larger platform

▲ These tables achieve a low closed height, eliminating the need for a pit installation.

▲ They are manufactured to all European safety standards including EN1570:1999.

▲ Remote power pack with pedestal and controls, IP54 protection.

▲ Upper platform fitted with safety perimeter to prevent descent on contact with obstructions.

▲ 24V control box with UP and DOWN buttons and emergency stop.

▲ External power pack equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed. Power supply are AC 380V/50HZ/3phase.

▲ Hose burst safety valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose breakage.

▲ Removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling and installation of the lift table.

▲ Oil-less bushings on pivot points.

▲ Loading ramp is a standard equipment.